Hercules GS415B Guitar Stand

Hercules Stands GS 415 B

Stand For Electric Guitar and Electric Bass

AutoGrab system prevents the instrument from falling
Height adjustment without bolts
Stand holds securely at any desired height
Plasticiser-free foam prevents damage to the lacquer
Not suitable for long-term use with guitars with nitrocellulose lacquer!

Discolouration via chemical reaction

All HERCULES guitar stands and wall mounts are equipped with soft foam supports to protect your instrument from damage. These supports are free of plasticisers and have shown no signs of reaction with many different lacquer finishes in long-term tests.

However, discolourations on sensitive lacquer surfaces (e.g. nitrocellulose) cannot be completely ruled out. We accept no liability in such cases.

In order to completely rule out damage of this type, cover parts that come into direct contact with the instrument with a soft, natural fibre cloth (cotton, silk, etc.). This way discolouration can be easily avoided.