THD Hot Plate 4 ohm

The award-winning Hot Plate® is the world's most popular power attenuator. It lets you get your amp's full of distortion at any volume.

THD Hot Plates are power attenuators that go between your amp's output and the speaker. They soak up power when your amp is turned up, allowing you to overdrive your amp for the best tone but passing along as much volume as you want to the speaker.

Why use it? A Hot Plate is for you if you like the sound of your amp at full volume but play in a lot of situations where it's too loud for life. It's perfect for small venues or at home, and also in the recording studio to balance your guitar amp with the other instruments. You can achieve the tube tone you love without having to blast at volume.

THD Hot Plates also feature built-in noise reduction and tone controls for additional tweaking.

Will it hurt your amp? The Hot Plate puts the same load on the transformer as the speaker would, and the tubes are used at the same rate as if there was no attenuator. The key point is to match your speaker to the rating of the Hot Plate. If you aren't sure how many ohms your speaker is, check the manual or with the manufacturer.

Note: The most powerful amp you should use with the Hot Plate is 185 Watts RMS