T-Rex Replicator

T-Rex Replicator Tape Echo, true analogue tape echo, 2 playback heads (one tap-tempo controllable, one independently bypass-able), C30 1/8" chrome tape cassette for long life & easy replacement, controls: delay level: adjust the level of the two playback heads, feedback: adjust the amount of feedback for both delays up to self-oscilation (externally controllable by expression pedal), delay time: adjust the delay time from 125ms to 3sec, tempo can be tapped (does not apply to head2) (externally controllable by expression pedal), master boost: unity gain to +20dB boost for overall volume (situated before the output), chorus: pitch tape modulation of the delays, saturation: drives the record head into saturation (led peak indication), on/off switches with LED status for: tap, chorus, heads & master on/off (true hardwire bypass), kill dry switch (for parallel loop), input & output jack, 2 x expression pedal jack inputs, 24VDC external power supply (included), handmade in Denmark, dimensions (WxHxD): 235 x 65 x 162 mm