Dr. Duck's AxWax & String Lube

~Dr.Duck's AxWax & String Lube~
- The ultimate Organic cleaning-polishing-moisturizing formula for all guitars and other musical instruments. (including brass, woodwinds, strings, etc..)
- Do the entire instrument (fretboard, headstock, front. sides, back, pickguards).
- Lubes and restores strings.
- Increases string life.
- Used by Professionals Worldwide ...
- Comes in a generous 4 oz. oval shaped bottle with an applicator flip top cap.
- Helps prevent fret oxidation.
- U.S. made with U.S. materials.
- Pleasant Fragrance.
- Not an aerosol spray - safe for the ozone.
- Bar coded for retail scanners.
- Full directions on the back of the bottle with the above logo printed on the front.
- Cleans and lubes bridge saddles and fine tuners on locking tremolo systems.
- Lubes tuning machine knobs and posts and strap locks.
- Unsurpassed as a raw wood conditioner... (fingerboards, bridges, etc..)
- A MUST to protect your instrument in all climates - dry or humid.
- Compliments and enhances the natural beauty of your instrument.
- This is the safest musical instrument cleaning-polishing-moisturizing formula in the World!!
- VERY FRIENDLY to delicate VINTAGE finishes as well as all modern instruments.