Roland GA-212

Custom built and supercharged for the stage, the new GA-212 is a unique, powerhouse guitar amplifier. With our latest COSM amp model onboard — Progressive Amp — the GA-212 empowers guitarists with original sound creation, intuitive control, and the ultimate in comfort, expression, and playability. Packed with a pair of 12" speakers and 200W of power onboard, it is designed for medium to large stages.

200-watt amp with two 12" speakers
Original COSM amp model (Progressive Amp) with incredible feel, attack, natural compression, and sustain
Morph through clean to super-extreme tones with the DRIVE knob and BOOST button
Intuitive operation with simple, fast-access structure; two volume controls, three tone controls, presence, and reverb
Smart Channel memorizes the current position of knobs in all four channels without programming or saving
LEDs in the knobs show current settings in any channel, great for dark stages