Roland TB-3

Bass Synthesizer

Roland reproduction of the TB-303, based on the original construction plans and data sheets
Detailed modeling incl. an original Roland unit
The interaction of the individual elements and filters has been fully taken into account and they are emulated in real time
Pressure-sensitive touch pad
134 sounds including the original TB-303 sounds - New: four-oscillator
Effect-controlled basses, leads and sound effects
Tempo control with tap button and shuffle
Rotary knobs for volume, cutoff, resonance, accent and effect
Scatter mode for realtime groove tweaking - simulates DJ effects
Real time pattern support with up to 32 steps
On-The-Fly editing options
Smooth switching between real-time and step input
Shuffle control, pattern copy and randomize
USB transfers MIDI and audio
Connections: 6.3 mm headphone, 6.3 mm (L / Mono, R) out, MIDI input and output, USB port type B (audio, MIDI)
With power supply
Dimensions: 240 x 173 x 57 mm
Weight: 820 g