TC Electronic Tube Pilot Overdrive

Nothing beats the classic 12AX7 vacuum tube when it comes to delivering soul-searching guitar tone; that’s why it’s a mainstay in musical instrument amplifier design. TUBE PILOT OVERDRIVE is highly manoeuverable and powerful enough to satisfy any guitar ace with a burning need for tone. Equipped with a genuine, handpicked 12AX7, TUBE PILOT injects your sound with the organic, touch sensitive saturation of a vintage tube amp that dares you to push it over the edge.

• 12AX7 tube-powered overdrive
• All-analog circuitry
• True Bypass
Real Tube Overdrive
Unlike those pretend “tube” overdrive pedals, TUBE PILOT OVERDRIVE isn’t just a facsimile of a tube preamp being pushed into distortion – it’s an old school tube preamp being pushed into true natural distortion. Inside the pedal, you’ll find the very same 12AX7 tube that has been used in a host of vintage and iconic guitar amps. By adjusting the Gain knob on the pedal, you control how hard the tube is working, from barely breaking a sweat – to kicking in the afterburners!

12AX7-equipped real tube overdrive pedal
Warm and expressive sound with incredible dynamics
Ranges from full-bodied blues to distorted classic rock and smooth modern lead tones
True bypass for ultimate signal integrity
"Built-like-a-tank" metal chassis
Runs on TC Electronic Powerplug 9 (not included)