Keeley Oxblood Overdrive

Three Control Knobs
The three switches offer control over the pedals sound, shaping the tone to suit your playing. The Tone control can be used to adjust the overall tone of the pedals effect, dialling in the highs for a brighter sound. The pedals drive adds the distortion to the effect, creating saturation and powerful tones when dialled up, or when switched off turned the pedal into a clean boost. The Level controls the effects output, offering +25dB of boost for excellent power, and with voltage doubling circuits providing plenty of headroom.

Phat and Clipping Switches
The pedal’s two switches offer different distortion tones, with a phat switch providing adjustment to the pedals bass response, and the clipping pedal offering incredible sustain. The phat switch offers two modes, when set to the right the bass response is boosted to give the pedal a fat and punchy sound. When the path switch is set to the left, then the bass response is cut, producing a powerful midrange that’s saturated and has a hint of 2nd order harmonics.

The pedals clipping switch offers two different styles of distortion by featuring two diodes to choose from known as mystical and magical. When flipped to the left, the pedal uses the “magical” diodes for a saturated and tighter distortion to add power and fatness to your tone. The other mode uses the “Mystical” diodes to create dynamics and an increased output level for incredible sustain, offering a big tone.

Phat Switch
Clipping Switch
Input: 1/4” Jack
Output: 1/4” Jack
Power supply: 9V DC
Height (Not Including Jacks): 4.41”
Width (Not Including Jacks): 2.35”