Keeley Fuzz Bender

A blend of silicon and hand-picked Japanese germanium transistors with active gyrator EQs. It’s an odd mix - but you gain a new voice that will push your amp into new saturated territories you didn’t even know existed. It does still have the classic fuzz sound - you can do the square wave style fuzz famously heard in The Rolling Stones' "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction".

…but it goes far beyond that too. With a colossal 20dB of gain available from the bass and treble controls, you will mash up sound in fresh, new, and imaginative ways. The bias knob gives yet more flexibility in your tone. Turned to the left, you get thick fuzz tones, but as you start turning it to the right, voltage starved sounds start to emerge with a wonderfully messed-up attack. If you like unique, chaotic tones, you will have a whole arsenal of them at your feet with Keeley’s new fuzz box.

Size does matter!
Featuring massive volume and fuzz knobs, you can easily make slight adjustments to the Fuzz Bender on stage. This is perfect for live players. Because bending down to tweak your settings in the middle of a show is pretty annoying and takes you out of the moment – but a flick of your toe? No problem.

Solid construction
The Keeley Fuzz Bender is made in the U.S.A, featuring top-quality components housed in a sturdy chassis. It's tough, rugged, and will take more abuse than you could ever throw at it. The ultimate effects box to take on the road. Trust us - it can handle it.

Model Name: Keeley Fuzz Bender
Pedal Type: Fuzz
Controls: Bass, Treble, Bias, Fuzz, and Level
Power: 9v DC, 20mA (No battery)
Switching: True Bypass
Country of Origin: USA