Koda 6M Mono Jack to Female XLR Cable

Koda 20FT / 6M Professional Mic Cable XLR(F) – 6.35mm Mono Jack

XLR3F 6.35mm Mono Jack
AWG#26, cross-sectional area 0.13mm²


Length: 6 m
Connectors: XLR3F 6.35mm Mono Jack
Conduct Area: 0.13 mm² , AWG#26
Composition of conductor (Diameter: mm): 10×0.12 mm bare copper
Conductor isolation: PE
Composition of cores: 2 cores twisted
Screen: spiral wound Aluminium foil
Overall jacket: PVC, black
Overall diameter: 6±0.2 mm
Working temperature(mobile): -15C~+90°C
Working temperature(fixed): -20C~+90°C
Capacity (cond./cond.): 35 pF/m
Capacity (cond./screen): 80 pF/m
Test Voltage: 400 V