Strymon Blue Sky V2

Strymon Blue Sky V2 Strymon's Blue Sky, the pedal that revolutionized compact reverb pedals, has evolved! Delivering the most majestic and lush ambient sounds one could imagine, the second-generation Blue Sky adds significant new features — to give you additional flexibility, power and ease-of-use on stage and in the studio. Adding a 'Shimmer' control, a tone-bending 'Mod' switch, and a new 'Spring' algorithm into the equation — Strymon has somehow made their acclaimed Blue Sky stompbox even better! Further updates include full MIDI implementation for control over just about every single Blue Sky parameter, a premium analogue JFET input circuit, and a new ARM DSP chip for increased processing power. You can now also control the Blue Sky with an expression pedal or MultiSwitch Plus! So whether you’re a classic spring reverb fan, a studio rack aficionado, or an ambient soundscape creator searching for new sonic textures — all the sounds you are looking for can be found within the Strymon Blue Sky Reverberator V2. Key Features 3 reverb types: Plate, Room, and Spring. Each algorithm can produce everything from stunning realism to expanded, experimental sounds. Intuitive and powerful tone-shaping controls allow you to easily dial-in an endless variety of inspiring ambient flavours. Ultra-low noise, high-performance 24-bit 96kHz A/D and D/A converters and a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response. A dedicated 'Shimmer' knob and new shimmer behaviours yield an incredible variety of immersive pitch-shifting sounds. New 'Mod' switch allows you to select the modulation depth for each reverb type, for warped ambient textures. Full MIDI implementation lets you control just about every knob, switch and setting remotely via the EXP/MIDI jack or USB-C connector. Save and recall all the new sounds you create via 300 onboard MIDI preset locations. Class A JFET preamp input ensures uncompromised dynamics, exceptional touch sensitivity and superb responsiveness. Full stereo in/out capabilities means zero compromises when it comes to signal routing or pedal placement. Select mono or stereo (TRS) input with the flick of the rear panel switch. Easily control the Blue Sky V2 with an expression pedal or MultiSwitch Plus. New ARM DSP chip provides more processing power for every sonic nuance, with less energy consumption on your pedalboard. True/buffered bypass, for a 100% unprocessed signal or a conditioned signal with preserved high-end integrity. Adjustable line/instrument input signal level, with line level mode providing 10dB of added headroom for use with active bass guitars, synths, amps effects loops, vocals and more.