Strymon Brigadier dBucket Delay

• Hand crafted dBucket algorithm- highly accurate reproduction of every stage of an analog bucket brigade chip and the associated clock driver circuitry
• Bucket Loss controls the amount of loss that occurs at each stage of the dBucket
• Super low noise, high perf. 24/96kHz A/D, D/A w/ 115dB signal to noise
• Analog dry path for a zero latency dry signal that is never converted to digital
• Tap tempo footswitch
• 3 delay time modes: short, medium, long
• Tap Tempo modes for quarter, dotted eighth, and eighth note triplets
• Filter control for adjusting the tone of the delay repeats
• TRUE BYPASS (electromechanical relay switching)
• Selectable “trails” mode with high quality analog buffered bypass
• Stereo output
• Expression pedal input with selectable control over any knob parameter