Strymon Ojai Expansion Kit

5 high-current, fully isolated 9V outputs with center-negative polarity
5 pedal cables included (5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel connectors, straight angle to right angle, 18″ length)
24V Thru jack allows connection to additional Strymon Ojai (sold separately)
5 individual custom transformers (one per channel) deliver clean, consistent power
Worldwide power compatibility ensures no-hassle international touring
Energy efficient, compact design
Lightweight and rugged anodized midnight blue aluminium chassis
Fits under nearly any pedalboard
Designed and built in the USA

What is the difference between Ojai and Ojai Expansion Kit?

Ojai comes with the PS-124 power adapter which provides DC power to the unit.

Ojai Expansion Kit does not come with the PS-124 power adapter, and will operate only when connected to an existing Strymon power product (Zuma, Zuma R300, Ojai R30, or Ojai).