Klotz KIK Pro Instrument Cable 3m Blk

Our best-selling KIK Cable delivers everything a pro guitar (or keyboard) cable needs: reliability, ruggedness and great capacitance. The design confirms the status of the KIK series as high-quality cables at a budget price; the quality oxygen-free copper conductors (purity 99.95%) are enclosed by a lead-free PVC jacket, a conductive plastic shield and a highly efficient copper spiral shield to maximize the KIK’s flexibility. The solid strain relief element withstands forces of over 200 newtons. All that, and good looks too.

Technical Data:

series KIK*
category pro* instrument

cable typ KIK, Ø 6,1 mm, capacity 115 pF/m (35 pF/ft)
shielding double screened cable, bare copper spiral shield and conductive plastic
jacket PVC

connector 1 jack 2p. 6.35 mm
contact 1 nickel-plated
connector 2 jack 2p. 6.35 mm
contact 2 nickel-plated
sleeve flexible studded rubber sleeve where a short bending radius is required