Klotz Pro Artist Prime Instrument Cable Angled 3m

The KLOTZ PRO ARTIST instrument and guitar cable delivers a well-balanced, rounded sound and is easy to handle. It is designed for high flexibility, using the latest in soft PVC and special plasticizers that maintain the cable's flexibility and electrical stability over a long life, and offers negligible microphonics and low capacitance of only 95 pF/m. We provided the PRO ARTIST with metal jack connectors and a shrink sleeve at the cable/connector junction to protect against kinking.

Technical Data:

category prime** guitar

cable typ PRO ARTIST - Ø 6.5 mm, capacitance 95 pF/m
shielding double screened cable, bare copper spiral shield and conductive plastic
jacket PVC

connector 1 jack 2p. 6.35 mm
contact 1 nickel-plated
connector 2 jack 2p. 6.35 mm
contact 2 nickel-plated
sleeve metal, nickel, with additional rugged shrink sleeve for extra anti-kink protection