Keeley Compressor Pro

Studio Grade Compression
Keeley’s compressor pro is designed with the intention of acting as a studio compressor/limiter, accepting a wide range of inputs and frequency responses in order to work with any instrument. The pedal features a compression LED display to show the metering of compression and gain reduction, as well as a threshold LED to indicate when the compression is initiated and released. The compressor pro can be used in a live setting as it protects your amps and speakers form overload, whilst its true bypass prevents any tone or signal loss when off.

Compression Controls
The compressor pro features five control knobs and two toggle switches that can be used to create the best compression for your performance. The threshold control knob can be used to adjust when the pedal is compressing and when sound can pass through unaffected. The thresholds LED lights red when the pedal is compressing, and green when there is no compression. The ratio control knob adjusts the amount of compression, setting it to full will prevent the output level to increase in output. The attack control adjusts the amount of time it takes for the compression to start, whilst the release control adjusts the amount of time taken for the compression to stop. The gain control adjusts the level of output the compression has, providing upto +20dB of boost.

The two toggle switches can be used to activate different modes on the compression. The knee switch toggles between hard knee compression and soft knee compression. In hard knee mode, the compression can be used as a limiter, adding sustain to your sound. In soft knee mode, the compressor produces a soft compression, keeping the performance lively and natural sounding. When the auto switch is set to on, the pedals attack and release is automated, providing adjustments to best suit the input signal and playing style.

2 x Toggle Switch (Knee H,S / Auto Off, On)
Input: 1/4” Jack
Output: 1/4” Jack
Power supply: 9V DC Neg-Tip, 50mA Max Current Draw
Height (Not Including Jacks): 3.7”
Width (Not Including Jacks): 4.7”