Strymon Nightsky Reverb

This is not a synth pedal, This is not a reverb pedal. The Strymon Night Sky Time Warped Reverberator is simultaneously both, neither and so much more. It sends your strums and twangs on audio expeditions through time and space with destinations as diverse as your imagination allows. Pulsating patterns and show-stopping swells are just a push, pull or turn away with a powerful onboard eight-step sequencer and the Night Sky's ingenious 'Morph' feature.

From high-end wash and full-bodied fundamentals to octaves, intervals and dynamic overdrive, hack into your harmonics using the extensive Voice section. The Time Warped Reverberator's unprecedented versatility provides inspiration on tap, with 16 presets easily accessible from the front panel to get you started. Synth-savvy guitarists will find many features you'd expect from a standard synthesis control section, with a waveform shape select button, decay controls, and a dedicated filter section.

Likewise, regular Strymon users will find familiar features like a quick-access 'Favourite' footswitch, and their signature secondary parameters, giving each knob and button a dual function and expanding the Night Sky's sonic palette further still. For ambient, experimental, and sound design (or any guitar application that needs a little space-time spice) the Strymon Night Sky is a cosmic companion you won't want to miss.