Wampler Ethereal

The Wampler Ethereal Delay & Reverb Pedal is an ambient dream. With ease of use and intuitive controls being a top priority, the Ethereal is designed to deliver the highest quality tone comparable to pedals at twice the price. The delay is breathtakingly pure, whilst the reverb provides rich, thick, dense spatial tone. The pedal gives you the ability to mix both effects together to achieve a perfect match and astounding other-worldly sounds. The Ethereal doesn't just contain a single delay though. Equipped with a consistent quarter note delay acting as the pedal's heartbeat, a second delay is layered on top that can be switched between triplets or dotted eighths, or even a self-oscillating dotted eighth pattern for reaching that beautiful world of ambient texture. Combined with the cavernous plate reverb, the Ethereal features a Trails button for un-interrupted switching. The Wampler Ethereal is a powerful, compact, and easy-to-use box of beautiful sonic capabilities.