Ruach Core Cajon

Solid Birch Design

The Ruach Core Cajon features a solid birch construction for a distinct tonal warmth, complemented by 20 fixed snare strands and Ruanch sound hole for the ultimate balance of frequencies. The rubber feet not only increase durability but reduce unwanted vibrations to the ground, allowing optimised projection. Perfect for a drummer or percussionist of any ability, the Ruach Core Cajon features a well- built and playable design at a competitive price point.

Ruach Cajons

Ruach Cajons are hand-built in Northern Ireland using the highest-grade woods and materials for unprecedented performance and structural integrity. Ruach are following the “Ruach Breathe” initiative, focusing on producing their instruments with respect for the world around us. The idea is to craft instruments that musicians desire, whilst minimising the companies carbon footprint. Ruach are implementing the physicality of their proposition by planting a tree for every single Cajon purchased.

About Ruach Music

Ruach is a musical company based in Northern Ireland, with the aim of providing musicians around the world with the instruments they love. The company began by producing cajons, but quickly noticed the gap in the market, taking the opportunity to jump into the production of pedal boards, stompboxes, and more. Using nothing but the finest materials, Ruach craft all of their products by hand, offering superior build quality and performance whilst giving you the knowledge that no two products are ever the same.

Ruach are always developing their designs and manufacturing techniques whilst following the “Ruach Breathe” initiative which focuses on minimising the companies carbon footprint. Despite being a small company, Ruach are growing fast and beginning to distribute more and more of their high-quality instruments around the world. Whilst manufacturing their instruments, Ruach prioritise their customers, listening to them as well as the market and the global music community as a whole.


Fixed Snares
Ruach Sound Hole
Rubber Feet
Birch Body
Plants 1 Tree