Strymon Zelzah Dual Phaser

• Two phasers, one 6-stage and one 4-stage, independently accessible via their own footswitch and set of controls
• Three phaser types: Classic (traditional rise-and-fall LFO with voicings that change in character as the DEPTH knob is adjusted) barber (constantly rising LFO with +ve or -ve polarity) and envelope (touch sensitive env. phasing)
• 6-stage controls for Resonance, Speed, Voice and Depth, 4-stage controls for Sweep, Speed, Mix and Depth
• Dedicated ‘Voice’ control morphs between phasing and beautiful flanging, chorusing
• Switchable Mono/Stereo (TRS) input, discrete L+R stereo outputs
• EXP/MIDI: Connect MiniSwitch for remote selection of favorite, or MultiSwitch Plus to access 3 presets. Connect a MIDI controller to send MIDI to Zelzah via 1/4” TRS MIDI.
• USB input: connect to a computer to control via MIDI and to update firmware