Ortega RUHZ-MM Concert Ukulele

It's addictive. Looking for a quality, energetic uke tone? Well expect all that and much more from the RUHZ-MM's all-mahogany construction. It not only looks gorgeous, but from first strum you'll notice an instantly recognisable sound with all that warm, lively jangle you cherish. It's beautifully balanced, defined, and incredibly responsive to your individual touch. Your next step to ukulele greatness starts here, so step it up a notch, or several with Ortega's RUHZ-MM Ukulele.

Comfort for everyone...
Uninterrupted playing. It's what matters, right? No matter your skill, from complete beginners to rekindling an old hobby, or honing your skills, a comfortable, smooth feel is important to every player. So Ortega go above and beyond with every instrument they design, to ensure the player comes first. That the instruments are created with thoughtful measurements, playing profiles, and finished with great attention to detail. And this Ortega RUHZ-MM is no different. It offers a sleek, inspiring feel that makes it perfect for injecting your scintillating energy into each performance. Plus, you can dig deep into the depths of your creativity thanks to an extended playing range with 18 frets. Roam free and explore to your heart's content. So you can really make the most out of your uke experience. Ergonomic and perfect for a multitude of musical scenarios.