Strymon DIG V2

Strymon DIG V2 The rack-mounted digital delays of the '80s remain as popular today as they were some forty years ago. Renowned for their crystal clean delay repeats, digital delays had their own special and intriguing sonic characteristics that made them a must-have for guitarists everywhere. The Strymon DIG captures the soul of these rack-style delays in a compact, pedalboard-friendly package, making it a valuable asset on your pedalboard and ushering in a new era of digital delay! New for 2022, Strymon have updated the original DIG with a number of improvements and technological advancements, making it even better than before (if that is even possible)! The DIG V2 now boasts two simultaneous integrated delays with five rhythmic subdivisions and three dual delay routing options. There are also three distinctly different voicing options on tap - the early ’80s adaptive delta modulation mode, the mid-’80s 12 bit pulse code modulation mode, and the modern high-resolution 24/96 mode, opening up a wealth of musical possibilities. Other upgrades include full MIDI implementation, a premium analogue JFET input circuit and a new and improved user interface, all whilst boasting the same great features that made the original DIG so popular! Key Features MIDI - The DIG's full MIDI implementation allows to you control every parameter remotely via MIDI commands, giving you complete control over the effect. True & Buffered Bypass - Chose between an electromechanical relay switched true bypass, which will keep your bypassed signal 100% untouched, or a high-quality buffered bypass that gives your signal a boost when using long cables runs. JFET Input - A high impedance ultra-low noise discrete Class A JFET preamp input delivers uncompromised dynamics and feel with a super-responsive touch. Stereo In & Out - DIG features full stereo in/out capabilities allowing you to experience immersive, studio-quality digital delays in your stereo rig or recording environment. Line/Instrument Level - DIG's adjustable input signal level makes it versatile option on stage and in the studio, for a number of a different instruments including synthesizers and keyboards.