Strymon Lex V2

Strymon Lex V2 The Strymon Lex is a faithful recreation of the legendary vintage rotary speaker system, perfectly capturing all of the character and huge, three-dimensional sound of the originals. From the low-frequency bass rotor to the rotating treble horn, the tube-driven amplifier to the finely tuned microphone placement, the Strymon Lex puts the iconic rotary speaker sound at your feet in a convenient pedalboard-friendly package. New for 2022, Strymon have updated the original Lex with a number of improvements and technological advancements, making it even better than before (if that is even possible)! The new V2 model features full MIDI implementation and a premium analogue JFET input circuit, as well as a new and improved user interface, whilst boasting all of the same great features that made the original Lex so popular. Key Features MIDI - The Lex's full MIDI implementation allows to you control every parameter remotely via MIDI commands, giving you complete control over the effect. True & Buffered Bypass - Chose between an electromechanical relay switched true bypass, which will keep your bypassed signal 100% untouched, or a high-quality buffered bypass that gives your signal a boost when using long cables runs. JFET Input - A high impedance ultra-low noise discrete Class A JFET preamp input delivers uncompromised dynamics and feel with a super-responsive touch. Stereo In & Out - Lex features full stereo in/out capabilities allowing you to experience the legendary, three-dimensional sound of a rotating speaker in your stereo rig or recording environment. Line/Instrument Level - Lex’s adjustable input signal level makes it versatile option on stage and in the studio, for a number of a different instruments including synthesizers and keyboards.