LR Baggs Anthem Acoustic Guitar Pickup with Mic

The L.R. Baggs Anthem Acoustic Guitar Mic/Pickup is the result of a 30 year long refinement process, offering a simple preamp and mic/pickup combination that is easy to install, and sounds fantastic. Its patented Tru-Mic technology combines a proprietary condenser microphone with their acclaimed Element pickup, delivering incredibly warm, studio-mic'd tones with excellent clarity and a balanced frequency response. A soundhole mounted control unit offers quick and easy access to volume, mix, and phase, while the battery check helps maximise battery life. Perfect for turning your acoustic guitar into an electro acoustic, or simply replacing your guitars pickup system, the Anthem delivers L.R. Baggs high quality sound and design.

Revolutionary Tru-Mic Technology
The Anthem system uses L.R. Baggs’ patented Tru-Mic technology, seamlessly combining a proprietary condenser microphone with their acclaimed Element pickup to deliver incredible warmth and a studio-mic’d guitar sound. This revolutionary design is engineered to capture the same dynamics of a guitar that’s been mic’d up in a studio environment, and helps maintain its remarkable feedback suppression for the stage. The pickup system is mounted to the underside of your guitar’s bridge, hovering 3mm above the surface to take advantage of the “boundary” effect.

Proprietary Condenser Mic & Element Pickup
Using both mic and element pickup to capture the guitar’s sound, the Anthem can deliver an incredible balanced frequency response and offer incredible clarity. While the microphone has been enhanced with noise cancellation to ensure crisp tones, the Element pickup has been reconfigured to capture the low-end frequencies to provide solidity and punch.

Powerful Soundhole Mounted Controls
The Anthem system features a feather-weight control unit that is mounted within the guitar’s soundhole, offering quick and easy access to shape the amplified tone. The unit’s volume control adjusts the Anthem’s output level, and the mix control adjusts the mixing between the mic and pickup. The phase switch lets you engage the phase inversion to minimise the amount of feedback produced. A multi-segment battery check allows you to maximise the systems battery life, letting you know the status of the battery and ensuring you can continue performing without worry.

Soundhole mounted controls for quick access and preserves natural aesthetic of the guitar
Anthem TruMic picks out the high-frequency sound for high quality sound
Element Pickup carries the low-frequency sound to keep tone full
Noise cancelling microphone technology ensures crisp amplification
Mic and pickup levels preset for optimum performance
Soundhole remote includes volume, mix, phase and battery check LED
Battery bag included


Controls: Volume, Mix, Phase
Mic Range: 250Hz - 20kHz
Battery Type: Single 9V
Battery Life: 170 Hours

TruMic Dimensions: 2.27" x 0.735" x 0.48"
TruMic Weight: 14.1g (0.05 lbs)
Pickup Thickness: 0.038"
Pickup Width: 0.092"
Pickup Active Sensor Length: 3.4"