Diezel Herbert

Diezel Herbert

Preamp or stompbox, your choice Far from just another distortion pedal, the Diezel Herbert pedal offers multiple ways to achieve its ground-shaking tones. If you prefer using pedals for your dirt, you’ll find the pedal works beautifully straight into the front of your clean amp. But you’ll also find a dedicated “To Power Amp In” output jack that turns the pedal into a fully functional preamp. Plug it into the series effects loop return of any guitar amp or directly into a stand-alone power amp, and you’ve turned your amp into your very own Diezel Herbert - perfect for players who often have to rely on less-than-dependable rental backlines.

- Two ways to achieve the Diezel tone

- Works as either an overdrive effect or as a stand-alone preamp

- Independent “To Power Amp In” output is finely tuned for power amps or series effects loop inputs

- When used as a preamp, the Bypass switch mutes your signal


Midcut Master: Adjusts the volume of the pedal when the Midcut is on.

Midcut Intensity: Adjust the intensity of the Midcut.

Normal Master: Adjust the volume of the pedal when the Midcut is off.

Gain: Adjusts the amount of gain for the pedal.

Treble, Middle, Bass: Shapes the EQ and adjusts the overall tone.

Presence: Contours the high frequency content - simulating the PRESENCE control on the HERBERT amplifier.

Deep: Increases the ultra low frequency content - simulating the DEEP control on the HERBERT amplifier.

Guitar input: Connect your guitar to this input.

Stereo Remote Jack: Tip is switching Mid cut section on/off. Ring is switching Bypass on the “Out to guitar amp” or Mute on the “Out to power amp”.

To Clean Guitar Amp In: Connect to the clean input of your amp.

To Power Amp In: Connect to the power amp in.

12-18V Center Negative Included is a universal 12V power supply and 18V splitter cable.

Weight: 1.5lbs

Dimensions: 6.5"L x 5"W x 2"T