Mooer Pitch Step

The Mooer Pitch Step Pitchshifter & Harmonizer Pedal delivers accurate pitch shifting, that offers versatile options within a tiny and compact unit that doesn't take up much room on the pedalboard. With Mooer's unique pressure sensing technology pads, the Pitch Step allows fast, polyphonic pitch shifting that can be activated by two different methods. In Sensor Method, you place your foot on the sensor pads to activate and take it off to deactivate; whereas in Switch Mode, you apply pressure in the toe down position to turn the effect off and on. The Mooer Pitch Step is equipped with 3 different ranges that consist of Sub, Upper or Sub+Upper, for dynamic use and the pitch can easily be adjusted by adjusting the -OCT and +OCT controls. For the harmonisation, you can choose between Harmony or Pitch Shift modes, dependent on whether you want the dry signal to be heard or not.