EarPeace HI-FI Hearing Protection

EarPeace promise is simple – you will hear and feel better when you wear EarPeace ear plugs. Whether you are on the stage or dancing in the crowd, you will hear clearly and safely with EarPeace hi-fi hearing protection. The technology allows a precise amount of unobstructed sound into the ear so you have a full-spectrum audio experience, at a safe volume. Comfortable for hours and virtually invisible. Hypoallergenic silicone and reusable. Pick up EarPeace and be ready for your next sonic event.


PROTECTION. EarPeace earplugs include Medium, High and Max (SNR 17, 20 and 26) protection filter sets so you’re ready for your next loud event. Filters are easily interchangeable to give you the level of protection needed based on your environment.
COMFORT. You will forget you are wearing EarPeace. The dual flange design gently seals the ear and without any hard plastic edges. EarPeace use safe, soft, premium silicone that is hypoallergenic and reusable.
SOUND. EarPeace proprietary attenuation filter technology delivers clear, crisp sound by allowing a precise amount of unobstructed sound into the ear. Hear what others need to tell you and lose the background din.
QUALITY. EarPeace only use premium, medical-grade silicone. EarPeace will not wear out or break and is designed for continuous wear. Its aluminum case is equipped with dual end chambers – perfect for carrying spare plugs and filters.
TRUST. Industry heavy weights like Red Bull, Metallica, Lollapalooza, Ford and Caterpillar choose EarPeace. EarPeace guarantee the hearing protection 100%.