Vintage VUK15 Soprano Ukulele - Satin White

Vintage VUK15 Soprano Ukulele, Satin White

The Vintage VUK15 Soprano Ukulele teams simplistic yet eye-catching design with beginner-friendly playability. Its sweet soprano body provides a delightful playing experience to those who are just starting out, as well as those who crave that classic uke sound. Slide across the 12 frets of the mahogany ply fretboard in silky-smooth style, its sleek finish allows for seamless fretting. Plus, thanks to the exceptionally compact size of the uke, it lends itself to effortless transportation.

Expect rich, far-reaching dynamics and sound that belies the uke's portable size - it all stems from a sapele body. Sapele's balanced response across the frequency range makes its beautifully versatile, opening up a range of playing styles whilst always releasing sparkling clarity. The soprano size and sapele build are a match made in heaven, producing that bright, shimmering ukulele jangle in abundance.