Laka VUT30 Tenor Ukulele

Laka VUT30 Tenor Ukulele & Bag

Made to please. The Laka Tenor Ukulele is one finely crafted instrument. Made from quality sapele tonewoods, it sings when you play the strings. The tone is warm and sweet, bringing out the best in your music. You'll love to play the smooth neck, which is superbly comfortable and fits into your hand naturally. Whether you’re strumming or plucking, you can be sure that the slightly larger tenor body shape will produce a beautiful, mellow resonance and exceptional projection for the perfect ukulele sound. It'll give you endless satisfaction.

True tone
Supreme sapele. It makes for an exceptional tonewood which creates the foundations of this instrument's tone. Offering a warm, smooth resonance, it will bring out a beautifully rich voicing from the strings of this ukulele. With the back, sides, and top made from this wood, you can expect to hear a luscious 'singing' whenever you play - each note will ring with vibrance. Helping to bring out real depth in your sound, sapele will give your ears endless joy.

Easy playing
You won't want to put it down. The neck of this instrument is finely crafted to help you play with complete confidence. Smooth and sleek, it allows you to move around the Pau Ferro fretboard comfortably, which helps you to express yourself with ease on this ukulele. Then there's the fretboard itself, which also offers a high degree of comfort for your fingers. With these tools in your hands, you'll be able to play any style you wish without trouble.

Take it everywhere
Your new best friend. With a quality Laka carry bag included with the Laka Tenor, you'll be able to transport it wherever you like with total ease. This means you can take it out on the streets or to gigs easily and in complete safety. Also featuring a beautiful natural satin finish and quality Aquila strings, this instrument will bring you the perfect playing experience.


Top: Solid Sapele
Back & Sides: Sapele
Finish: Satin

Headstock: Mahogany
Machines: Open Gear, Black

Strings: Aquila
Included: Laka Carry Bag