Laka VUSP10 Mahogany Series Sopranino Ukulele

Laka Mahogany Series Sopranino Ukulele, Natural

The Laka Mahogany Series Sopranino Ukulele offers warm, woody sounds with a strong low-end, solid mids and natural high-end thanks to the body's sapele material. Designed with a walnut fingerboard, you are provided with a smooth playing experience while enhancing the ukulele's overall tone with added clarity. The satin finish highlights the rich brown of the wood. The natural colour, along with the intricate laser etched palm tree rosette and headstock, presents an eye-catching design.

This is 45cm in length, the smallest model in the Laka series. Along with your ukulele, you receive a handy carry bag. This allows you to transport your instrument with ease and without the fear that it will get scratched in transit. Its all-rounder design makes it the perfect ukulele to practice, develop and perform with.

Sculpted for perfection The ukulele’s material not only offers great playability, but it also helps to provide you with your instrument’s overall tone. Its body has been crafted with sapele wood, which provides a great foundation and produces warm tones that have a strong low-end, a midrange bark and the high-register’s snap. Both the fingerboard and bridge have been sculpted with walnut. This material provides smooth playability, along with bright, sparkly tones. The guitar’s Okoume neck also helps to produce a warm tones while you play.

The sopranino is the smallest model in the Laka series of professional ukuleles with a length of 45cm. This size is ideal for those with smaller hands and children who want to try out playing the ukulele for the first time, as the small scale allows them to glide their way down the fretboard with ease.

Eye-catching design Along with the ukulele’s great tones and playability, it also has an eye-catching design. The see-through satin finish shows off the wood’s natural deep, rich brown colours. The sapele material has been intricately lasered to create a palm tree design on the body, around the sound hole, and the headstock to give it a unique look. The style doesn’t stop at the ukulele’s body. Each detail has been carefully thought out to ensure that the whole instrument’s design is uniformed. The tuners are chrome open-geared, topped with black buttons, and the ukulele’s strings are Aquila, which provides you with durability and resistance, while producing great tones and playability.

Product: Laka Mahogany Series Sopranino Ukulele, Natural
Product Code: VUSP10

Body and Bridge
Top Material: Sapele
Back Material: Sapele
Sides Material: Sapele
Bridge Material: Walnut
Body Type: Sopranino
Binding: None
Neck and Fingerboard
Neck Material: Okoume
Neck Inlays: White Dot
Nut: ABS
Fingerboard: Walnut
No. of Frets: 12

Hardware and Electronics
Hardware Colour: Natural
Strings: Aquila
Machineheads: Die Cast Chrome
Length: 45cm
Case Included: Laka Carry Bag