Empress ParaEQ MKII

The Empress ParaEq MKII Parametric EQ Pedal is the ultimate tone shaping tool. Whether you need to sit in a mix, cut above an ensemble or fix feedback issues, the ParaEQ can do it. At the front of your amp or after, you can place the ParaEQ anywhere you like to achieve your desired tone.

It's the ultimate tool for creative expression, as the intuitive controls allow you to boost or cut each frequency to a fine degree. Combined with the low q, mid q, and high q switches you can even determine the range of frequencies affected by each band. Coupled with a staggering 30db of clean boost, you can launch your sculpted sound into prominence. And thanks to Empress's minimal circuitry topology and true bypass switching, you're getting full, unfiltered sound with zero unwanted noise. Build the tone for your next song, sharpen up a recording, fix your live sound or unlock new sonic possibilities - it's all possible with the ParaEQ MK II.