Wampler Metaverse

The Wampler Metaverse Delay Pedal is a staggeringly expressive stompbox. Offering studio quality sounds through 11 delay effects that have been designed and realised by Wampler themselves, it offers an abundance of both vintage and modern effects. And with the option of MIDI and expression pedal control, in addition to tap tempo, you have unlimited creative freedom in how to deploy these sounds.

And unlike some other pedals, the Wampler makes fine-tuning your sound an effortless task. Hosting an intuitive user interface, you can design your sound instantaneously. And once you've landed on a delay you love, you can save it in one of the 8 onboard preset slots - with up 128 available via MIDI! After that, you have the choice of hooking it up in mono or stereo, letting you create some truly wild delay soundscapes! Unlock your creativity and start exploring the Metaverse...